WW: New Phone

I got my new phone yesterday, which I shamelessly admit I purchased solely for the camera features, and it seemed like a great excuse to do a WW Post. All these photos were SOOC (straight out of camera) without editing or use of filters..

Downside to new phone that I discovered: IT'S NOT COMPATIBLE WITH EQUILAB
* insert ugly cry *

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Sisi is looking hella tight in the back/SI and as though she dropped 2349280lbs after her stressful show weekend
I used EcoLicious DeStress Detangler on her tail several days ago and it is still shiny, easy to brush and healthy looking!


  1. Anymore I buy my phones based on the camera too lol

    1. Bahaha, well so far this Huawei P20 Pro has impressed me! Although I always chuckle when the Camera detects a horse as a "dog", because it's not exactly wrong lol!


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