[late] December Goals

As promised, I have decided to attempt monthly goals as a means of holding myself more accountable.  2018 has been tough and I need to find my groove again, so I will be starting relatively slow and while may seem 'easy' to some people, the plan is to develop motivation through success... playing tricks on my own mind, if you will.  While I think goals are crucial to remain on track, I found my attempt at Quarterly goals too easy to 'put off' as I would convince myself next month would be better - but before I knew it, the year came to a close and I'm left feeling as though I haven't accomplished anything which is just one small part of this large, endless circle of self destruction that I am the current Ring Master of.  

I'm starting a little late for December (ok a lot late), so I have adjusted my goals as such while also considering the amount of holiday-related engagements I have to attend over the next few weeks... BUT, I get 13 off work around Christmas, so hopefully that will open up some horsey-time as long.  Yanno, as long as it's not bitterly cold as I tend to hibernate after about -25C daytime highs.  With an unheated indoor and live-out situation for Sisi, I don't feel it's fair to ride beyond -20 or so, so I will remain hopeful that the inevitable prairie winter weather will remain at bay.

So here we go...

December Goals:

  • Spend at least 2 hours in the saddle 
  • Spend at least 3 hours on the ground (grooming, ground work, just hangin')
  • Incorporate more Stretching (on the ground)
  • Get Sierra's Teeth Done
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