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I stumbled across this Blog Hop this morning as I perused through my reading list, pretending this is not the busiest week at work in our 8 week rotation.  Not only do I love Blog Hops because it expands my reading list, but I love reading the posts.  This Blog Hop was originally created by 3Day Adventures, and in it, she asks you describe your horse(s) in 3 words.

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Kidd is a red head, through and through.  He's incredibly sensitive both emotionally, and physically.  If one little thing in his tack isn't how he likes it, he will be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. While it's not in his nature to pitch a full-on fit, he revels in negative tension.  He is easily upset when not spoiled and told how brilliant he is, and while it's nice he's invested, it works against us more often than not.

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Kidd loves to have fun and is very easily bored.  He is very true to his name, and is constantly picking at things/people/horses and trying to play.  He loves to get out into a change of scenery and sometimes struggles to control his excitement.

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Kidd, as aforementioned, is a very tense horse when not in a full program, and I struggle to develop the relaxation he needs to train correctly.  His brain is constantly busy and as L Williams put it in her post, "his brain hamsters" are in over-drive on a regular basis.

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Accident Prone

I have never, in my life, met a horse as regularly hurt as Kai. I really hope that once she is on a regular training program she will stop hurting herself as most of them seem to be related to her 'over doing it' in turn out.

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Jekyll & Hyde Personality

While I wouldn't say she has suffers from a "multiple personality disorder" as she really only has 2... One minute she's sweet as sugar, and the next minute she has the ultimate mare-stare going on with a snarl and glare that would scare a grizzly.

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Kai, thus far, seems to be incredibly willing.  This really sets her and Kidd apart. While Kidd is competitive, he is just as happy (or happier) to waste away in a field eating his life away. Kai likes to get out and do things, and she is quite brave as a result.

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Photo by M. Thompson


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