Kai's 2385th Injury Update

It's been a few days since my bubble-wrap child decided to WWE the ground and slide under the fence, and things are proceeding as expected.

Day 1, a few hours after
My hope was to pick up some liquid bandaid the following day and try and 'glue' the skin back together to promote faster healing, but by the next morning the 'flap' was no longer present and it was apparent that wasn't going to happen.  I've been using a slew of products and it is helping.  She has quite a lot of swelling/pooling, but I think it's bound to happen.  Her Left Front, that she had scraped up, was slightly swollen the following day, and really swollen the next.. but by the third day, the swelling was completely gone.

Day 2, localized Swelling and extremely sore/sensitive to touch
The day after the injury I had to work out of town, so my hubby and friend doctored her up for me.  I left him poor directions, but he's a horsey-guy and I knew he would make the right choices.  He cold hosed her and put Zinc on the wound, as well as Swat.  She wasn't cooperative, which is understandable, but he did the best he could.  I will say though, I hate Zinc - but hey, I won't complain for him helping me out without being asked.

I have been using my *favorite* liniment (Draw It Out) as well as Bag Balm and Swat, and for the most part it's been working pretty well.  She's still quite sore, so I haven't been able to really 'scrub' it, so there is some Zinc ointment residue but it will have to stay there for a while.  I have also used some Blue Kote occasionally, but not daily as I have heard conflicting evidence regarding it.

Day 3, "dirty", Blue Kote was applied the evening before
I have also been massaging her back and hind end with Blue Lotion Liniment as i'm sure she is sore, and it has been helping.. Initially I used my Sore No More Arnica Clay, but it's quite firm and I have to push too hard in order to spread it - and given how sore she is, she's not willing to tolerate that.

My routine with her has been Cold Hosing her, then taking her into the barn to dress the wound.  Today, I washed it with Betadine to try and remove some of the Zinc residue, but it was the first time I have used it.  I then take her into the barn and apply Bag Balm, followed by Draw It Out.  I use the liquid concentrate DIO and mix it with 50% water, and keep it stored in a handy spray bottle.  One of the major benefits to this product for me, is that it isn't alcohol based so it can be sprayed directly onto a wound without any problems.  If that isn't enough to convince you, a friends boyfriend DRANK some because he thought it was Water. He didn't even notice until she told him, (and he's perfectly fine, for the record).. and following the DIO, I apply Swat around the wound, then Blue Lotion Liniment along her back, loin, and down through her flank and gaskin.  I also spray her Right Front with the DIO, but for the past 24 hours her leg has remained cold and tight.

Day 3, roughly 6 hours after cold hosing, dressing & bute.  Water Droplets are from re-applying DIO Liniment

Regardless, she is still in good spirits and is progressively improving.  She is less sore on it now, and my goal is to continue to try and stay on top of the swelling and keep it minimized through Liniment, Cold Hosing and bute, and build a bubble-wrap suit for her.  I'm hoping by tomorrow she will allow me to give it a really good wash/light scrub to remove the ointment residue and any dead tissue, but we will see!

Oh, and... she lost her other shoe.


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