What I Know About Kai - Update

Months ago I did a post or two regarding "Things I Have Learned About Kai", and as we reach our 6 Month Anniversary (seriously, wtf?!) I thought we were due for an updated version.

  • She doesn't enjoy things being sprayed on her, but has improved immensely in just 3 - 4 days of requiring bug spray
  • She hadn't ever pulled back until two days ago where she decided to do it twice. I think it's safe to say she taught herself a lesson!
  • We're struggling with SI Alignment issues and are seeing a new Chiro this Friday and hopefully find more success
  • She's not that easy of a keeper, but I think we're on a feed plan that is really helping
  • She seems to stay quite dark, even in her summer coat (yay!)
  • She really struggles to the right, but has developed balance incredibly fast in the past week of going into 'full work'
  • She lacks stamina and natural drive; once she decides shes tired - often before even breaking much of a sweat - she takes every excuse to stop or slow down
  • She loves her BFF Bell and is a little sad that there is now a fence between them but has re-gained her confidence when being taken away from Bell... the first time being taken into my arena and away from Bell is the reason she pulled back twice, for the record.. Maybe that was enough to snap her back to reality? Lol
  • The Neck Strecher is really softening her mouth and teaching her the theory of give and take, rather than sucking behind the vertical or resisting contact
  • She enjoys plodding around like a Peanut Roller on Speed, but is slowly taking more weight behind
  • Her lunging has improved immensely; for the most part we can actually do consistent circles now!
  • She's slowly learning that there are various rhythms to the 3 gaits; believe it or not, it isn't just full speed ahead or fully stopped.. and actually, things are much easier when you rock back onto your hind end and move at a reasonable pace as opposed to scrambling like a 16 year old boy hitting second pace for the first time - who knew?!

I have never had a horse that develops and advances as well and as fast as Kai has this past week on the lunge line.  She's worked lightly 5 of the last 7 days, and will have tomorrow off due to my Golf League (I know, when did I become an old lady?!) starting and taking place on Wednesday nights, and light work on the line on Thursday then likely Friday off as well due to the Chiropractor appointment.  Once we make it through that, I hope to continue the lunge line work and incorporate some poles, and add in some riding as well.

I still feel as though there is SO much work we can do that doesn't necessarily require her burning a ton of calories, so i'm not in a huge rush to 'ride' her necessarily.  While it is an  aspect important to keep her happy and sane, I am truly enjoying the ground work and lunging we have been doing and feel as though it is a great system to continue with until she has gained some weight.  Once her back has muscled up a little more, I will likely do some light riding but mostly just during the cool-out stage of our sessions.  She is learning so much on the lunge line and her balance has really developed quite nicely.  It seems insane to think that a week ago she couldn't even stay on the same lead for more than half a circle... truly amazing little mare!


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