Sometimes Good Things Come In 3's?

Why hello, Blogosphere! It's been a while, and I feel like the past few posts have always started with some sort of 'i have nothing to post about so..', but on the contrary I think my life has had some pretty giant advances since my last post... Perhaps it's too premature to refer to these changes as 'advances', but time will tell.. 

When you feel like your horse has lost some weight...

 So anyway, 2 major, but non-exciting things have happened in my life since my last post on March 9, and one is currently in the works.

#1 Non-Exciting Update,

My "alberta bestie' is trying her hand at training horses, and wanted to get her butt on more horses.  She finds Kidd very informative to ride, and never passes up an opportunity to ride him and about a month ago she took him to her place to leg up for me in exchange for weekly lessons.  This came about for 2 reasons; 1 I already mentioned, and 2 because of my 2nd Non-Exciting Update.

Second Winter has arrived.... but is quickly melting

So while Kidd is only getting ridden about once a week, he's really showing me how much he needed those 6 months off. He has come back in a totally different mindset. He's truly happy to go to work, and he has been a total rock star.  His second ride he got thrown into an obstacle clinic unintentionally, and he did everything bareback in a halter without even batting an eye.  He's also been used as a lesson horse for one of my clients, and he's done all this in less than 10 rides after 6 months off and best of all - he has been trustworthy and reliable thorough it all!

Jumping Barrels in a Halter in the Obstacle Clinic

#2 Non-Exciting Update,

I got a new job.  This is a large part of why Kidd went to his aunties for a while, at least until my arena at home is dry enough to ride in.  On March 13 I started at the local college in a new, full time but temporary position.  It's been keeping me incredibly busy and i'm continually being reassured that it will become permanent, but time will tell.  My contract runs until June 30, and i'm really enjoying it so I hope it becomes permanent!  Once my arena is dry and ridable, Kidd will come home and I will be riding more accurately.  

One of the muckier areas of Kai's paddock that was nearly rideable less than a week ago..
Ironically, about 3/4 of my riding surface was dry and safe until Thursday morning when we had a massive storm roll in which left us with about 6" of soaking wet and heavy snow.. That being said, I can't complain too badly as some of my friends within a 45 minute drive of me have over 2 feet!

#3 Exciting, but not 100% Confirmed Update,

We have an offer in on a farm.  We should know in the next day or two if it's been accepted, but it's been quite a process.  We've done 2 walk-thrus and then sat down with the owner yesterday regarding his timeline, expectations, and a few items he had for sale that interested us if he was interested in including them.  We're currently hung up on a few things, as the few items that interest us we want included in the mortgage and he would prefer to sell them separate so he has the cash in his pocket right away.  This doesn't work for us financially, so either we include it on the mortgage or lower our offer $5,000 and not have it included. While the specific items would be nice, it's not a huge deal if they aren't. For the most part, it's a done deal regardless but i'm trying not to get too excited about it until the first box is getting unpacked.

Now for the exciting stuff - the details!

It's situated on 160 acres which is roughly 80 Acres open in Pasture/Hay, and the remainder in bush that has trails all throughout.  There is a fairly large yard site with a big double-entrance (shallow u-shape) drive way that curves around a 100 x 200 ft sand outdoor riding arena, and a 50ft sand round pen.  It also has a large shop with lean-to's off 2 sides, and a barn large enough to accommodate 4-5 stalls and a tack room.  There's also a large garden area, fire pit area and play ground area that has become dilapidated and overgrown.  The land itself is fully fenced, and cross fenced multiple times.  There are 2 main pasture areas, one which is seeded in Timothy, Brome and Alfalfa.  The other was previously used for cattle and as such as lot of random (but kind of cool) things planted in it like Timothy, Brome, Alfalfa, Oats, Turnips and Radishes.  There's also an automatic waterer, and it has crown land on one side, a gravel road that hooks up to the highway on the opposite side, and my hubby's families pasture land on the other 2 sides.  It's on a private road about 1.5 miles off the highway.  You may notice I haven't said much about the house itself, and that's for a variety of reasons - 1 being that i'm happy with a roof, a fridge, power and a heat source and 2 - There's not much to report... it's tiny, literally. 1 (large bedroom), 1 lovely little bathroom, a half wrap-around deck, tin roof, wood stove, small kitchen and even smaller living room.  While it's not ideal, truth be told we had always planned to build our own home and this is a great opportunity to do so.  So again, it's not set in stone yet but my fingers and toes are crossed!  If it all goes through, there will most certainly be a post about it, because there is going to be *a lot* of landscaping required and the barn is getting totally gutted inside and I'll be needing your guys' help and expertise with that!

Lesson Pony Extraordinaire!


  1. That's so exciting! It sounds like a really great place, I hope it works out for you.

  2. If would say that's all pretty exciting - good luck!


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