2017 Goals

With Christmas just around the corner and my ever-growing desire to get back to work with Kidd heavily weighing on me from a day to day basis, I'm caught setting plans and goals for 2017.  While initially I wanted to travel into BC to Train with some high quality instructors and show at the Gold Level, I have found myself doing a complete 180 in my plans to do so.  With the addition of Kai, and Nikki being booked in to be bred to Cherokee Country, I have decided to change my intentions and to be totally honest, I am fully okay with it.  With Ray and I saving every spare penny to buy our own farm, I can't be inconsiderate and spend unnecessary amounts of money on things that can wait. 

  • Compete locally at First Level
  • Confirm our Flying Changes and Half Passes
  • School the Second Level Tests
  • Comfortably school 2'6 +/- Courses
  • Compete at Walk/Trot
  • Develop Relaxation & Connection in All 3 Gaits
  • Haul Around a lot
  • Hack Out / Trail Ride regularly
  • X Ray Front Fetlock
  • Get her confirmed in foal to Cherokee Country (booked to be bred in May)
  • Improve my flexibility and ability to isolate my body parts in all 3 gaits
  • Get more fit, though I'm sure riding 2 horses will help
  • Be more understanding & less emotional while riding
  • Appreciate even the smallest advances

I think that's it for now, so feel free to post your goals!


  1. Loving these goals :)

    I can't wait to see you continue to progress with Kidd and bring Kai out of her shell!


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