TRM Blog Hop - Before & Afters

My good friend from That Red Mare has started a Blog Hop.  This is my first kick at the virtual can, and I've opted to single out Kidd for this post, only because I've only owned Kai for a week so I feel there isn't much I can say or post about her!

Ok, so here are some Before & After's of Kidd!

The day I brought him home!

Finally have the worm infestation mostly cleaned up and finally putting on some weight!

Sacking out as a long yearling with a lightly girthed up saddle for the first time!

Kidd @ 2, First time being clipped (and my first time clipping!)
Kidd in the Fall of his 2 Year Old Year, very lightly started U/S
Preparing Kidd to be started Under Saddle, Fall 2012
Kidd's second ride U/S, and Ray's first time on him!
Spring of 2013, after a light backing and the winter off he was ready to rock!

Did you know as a Yearling I trained Kidd to stand up, due to the intent to show the Arab circuit?!

 And now.....


  1. He was pretty correct the entire time he grew up - not much for an awkward stage!

  2. It's so awesome that you have the cutest little baby photos of him! How fun to see how far he has come!

  3. Haha Thank you! I was lucky enough to buy him from a friend. Ironically, she bred Black Arabians and when Kidd popped out she wanted him off her farm promptly! I'm really not much of an Appaloosa person, but there was something about him!


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