Just another day in the mud pit

Today was just another day in the mud pit.  We didn't go anywhere because quite honestly, I don't have the intent of hauling her into the local indoor regularly - yesterday was an isolated incident for the time being.  My Hubby and I had a lot of stuff to do today (return a friends Jumps, wash the truck & trailer since it too, was caked in mud, get more fire wood, blah blah - typical adulty things), so upon finishing all that I decided to sneak her into the barn before my father in law turned his horses in for the night.  This gave me the chance to love on her a bit and let her dry out a little.  It's been raining all day so on top of the RIDICULOUS, STUPID, HORRIBLE mud that has taken over our entire yard, it's almost unbearable.  So much so, that when I took Kai back out to her paddock she actually planted her feet and didn't want to go in. #sorryhun

I feel so much more comfortable around Kai, and that was really apparent today in the barn when I compared it to the first time I took her into the barn two days ago.  It's so amazing to think of the comfort level we have reached in just days - imagine how much more connected we will be in 6 months or a year.  The idea of that is so exciting to me!

Looking so cute and awkward!
Today we did a few things we haven't done before - we picked feet (I know, I'm a terrible horse mama, I never pick the feet of horses I don't know) and cut her bridle path (with scissors) and clipped her whiskers with clippers.  This is all so fantastic to me. I realize it seems incredibly minor - just regular grooming things really, but to me it felt like such progress. 

Two days ago in the barn I could hardly brush her mane, and she flipped her head every time she heard the scissors open or close as I trimmed the ends of her mane and I could honestly hardly even trim her mane near her bridle path - she just wasn't having it.  She would also continually rest the hind leg closest to me when ever I brushed her feet or hind legs. I didn't take much offence, it simply told me more about her and her personality.  It told me she doesn't hand her trust out like candy on Halloween, but it also told me she wasn't mean or malicious, she was just simply cautious.  I decided I was okay with this for now, so I ignored it.  She was also constantly moving, and never really offered to say 'hi!' to me at all - she was very much like the high anxiety business lady type, but today she was happy to hang out and continually reached back to touch me with her muzzle as a way of expressing approval and enjoyment.  As well, upon brushing her legs she lifted a foot and offered it to me; something she hasn't done before.
Her top line is lacking and she likely needs a Chiropractor appointment, but she's already put on weight since arriving.

Lastly, I decided to bring out the clippers again. I showed them to her on Day 1, but did not even bring them near her face as it was clear it wasn't going to happen that day.  Today, I decided to take it once step further.  She was a little worried about them, but within 3 minutes of reassurance and gentle introduction, she allowed me to clip her whiskers.  I honestly have no reason to clip them at this point, so I just snipped the ends rather than taking them short.  Initially every time she felt the vibration through a whisker she would wiggle her lips - which I found adorable.

Don't mind me - I had a pocket FULL of an assortment of cookies, and my hair is soaking wet from the rain!  At least she's cute :P
Lastly, as I tossed the blanket over her back, all the straps hit the wall (it was really loud to be honest), and she didn't even flinch.  She's been super to blanket, but always gives a slight brace at the noise of the straps so this was another huge feat for us.

All in all, Kai is slowly giving me small glimpses of how wonderfully loving and sweet she can be. I have no doubt we will continue building a fabulous relationship built on understanding, trust and respect.  Even if things don't work out with her and I, I totally feel like she is my spirit animal.  Not only is she hangry in the mornings, she eats like a pig (see photo below), is a bit stand-offish at first but has an incredible warmth about her, and is very torn between being anxious and wild, and calm and quiet.

Seriously. Cute, right?

Her legs actually aren't as crooked and weird as they look in these photos, just so it's clear.  She's the queen of many things, one of which is standing extremely awkward. 

I feel like once again I'm chasing after this sentimental, nostalgic idea of constantly being the Under Dog in life and I don't think that's any different with Kai than it is with Kidd due to things that I'm choosing to hold off on discussing quite yet, but regardless I feel like I'm in no different position than anyone who just bought a new horse.  All you can do is gauge the seller's honesty - can you trust them? Do they seem like they're hiding something?  It's a total crap shoot unless you know the seller on a personal level.  You have to trust your gut, and look beyond nice conformation, good bloodlines or whatever it might be that butters your biscuits.  You have to take your idealistic 'what ifs' out of the equation, and make an informed decision based on pro's, cons, finances and realism.  While Kai doesn't come to me without some physical baggage, the potential pro's still out weighed the potential con's.  In the back of my mind, those 'what if's still swirl around, but I will continue to sweep them under the rug.  No sense in crying over spilled milk, right?


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