My muttled & muddy first post!

Let me start off by saying I'm not very good at this 'blogging thang'.  As you'll find out, I'm a very busy person and often struggle to commit to things that require any energy beyond my usual hobbies.  If you saw that episode of House where the woman was addicted to blogging, I'm basically the complete opposite.  Alas, through the pressure of a great friend (hehe, you know who you are!) I'm giving this a whirl.

Kidd, Summer 2015 in our arena at home

As I mentioned in my "About Me" segment, I used to write a few key notes down in a note book after each ride.  As someone who is constantly battling a negative mindset I find it really helps me realize the positives of each ride.  I started blogging on a different host as a means of keeping track of our progress without having to write it all out by hand (how very 21st century of me, right??) but I've decided to 'restart' on BlogSpot in the hopes that accumulating some followers and being able to follow other blogs easier will keep me motivated. Chances are I won't be tracking every ride, or every wonderful thing that happens to us for that matter, but I will do my best for my own personal self to keep this as up to date as my schedule will allow.

Our most recent riding photo taken during our first "Fieldtrip" of 2016.
April 16, 2016 at the Wild Rose Guest Ranch

This Blog is probably going to stretch all over the place, from the lifestyle of the poor and sore (IE my life) to what products i'm using, my random analogies on what's in the news, training, equipment and everything in between, so we might as well jump into it guns ablazin' with both feet first.  Take what I say with a grain of salt, and always sit back and mull over other peoples words before jumping aboard their own personal wagon to crazy-town.  We're all entitled to our own opinions and the ugliest thing in this world is a closed mind.


  1. Hooray for being compulsive and annoying :) Welcome to blog-land!


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