WW: Life In Self Isolation

As usual, I suck at the 'wordless' part of Wordless Wednesdays, but here's some photos that sum up my life from the passed few days.  I'm working from home (as is everyone from my work), Sierra is injured and i'm trying to find this new level of 'normal'.

My days consist of balancing work life and home life.  I'm tasking myself with at least 1 'oddball chore' per day in addition to my expected workload as a means of staying busy and productive in these uncertain times. 

Sierra is home now (and injured), so I haven't been riding but it's nice having her right outside my door again for the first time in months!

Saturday - Upon Discovery that something wasn't right given the swelling... 
Tiny puncture .... Or so we thought?

She had several scrapes and one puncture, which has been the main source of our issue.  An infection was imminent and obviously brewing, so I started her on antibiotics on Monday

Clear infection ... 

2 Days after starting on Antibiotics - looking much better, but still seeping
Day 4, Blown wide open.. no more draining or puss and finally looking like healthy tissue it seems.

Finally way less swelling

Moved back in

I have to re-arrange the ribbons and put a few more up still

My recent score - they need some paint but they're sturdy!

Happy hens

Happy Pones!
I feel this ...

Sierra and Banker (Hubby's OTTB)

Some of my oddball chores have included purging, cleaning and oragnizing


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