July Goals + June Analysis

June has potentially been one of the most weird months.  Besides it being my busiest time of year at work, we have had god-awful weather.  The beginning of the month brought unseasonably warm weather, something we are just simply not used to.  With that warm weather came an abundance of wild fires in a 500km radius that left the air quality so severely hindered, I refused to exercise any of the horses.  Following the heat wave, we have spent the past two weeks on the opposite end of the spectrum; it is now monsoon season, apparently.  I was also at the Vet an average of 3x a week with Vida trying to get her re bred, and I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off, for reals.  Regardless, I did find some time to do pone-things, my hubby went to another show, and overall it was a pretty decent month but the weather compromised my arena footing for the better part of the month, when we weren't fighting smoke inhalation concerns.

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June Goals
  • Spend at least 8 hours in the saddle
    I didn't track it, but I don't think I hit it.
  • Care less about perfection, and more about having fun
    I think I did ok with this.
  • Ride bareback in a halter (or halterless) at least 5 times, working on feel
    I definitely rode bareback/in a a halter quite a lot and feel some improvements in my seat and balance.
  • Do more hand walks out of the arena
    Didn't do any of these.. 
  • Focus on K&S' Relaxation & my fluidity
    I didn't wind up riding Kidd a ton, but I did focus on this a lot with Sierra.
  • Develop more stretch into the contact
    We were getting there, though my last 'arena ride' was my Lesson with Friend S where it definitely didn't cultivate relaxation or stretch. 
  • Get Vida settled (IE Bred & confirmed in foal)
    Ugh, don't ask... 
  • Introduce Amara to sprays (Water, fly spray, etc)
    Oops, I totally forgot about this.. though she did get wound spray put on a cut she had at the Vet and she didn't even flinch.  Once the monsoon passes I'd like to bath her and Vida.
  • Get Amara posted for sale
    Done, but should cross post more.
  • Get Kidd posted for sale pending PPE results on June 14
    Kidd is already sold and off to his new home
  • * Stretch Goal * Set up an online lesson (but test the connection first)
    The weather hasn't allowed for this - but I did arrange the lesson with Friend S!
Oof, that's far more red than I like to see!

Hubby and his dude

July Goals
  • Spend at least 8 hours in the saddle
  • Pick a new Dressage Saddle and Order it
  • Keep up with the bareback/halter to keep things fun
  • Get out of the arena at least 4x
  • Confirm Vida's pregnancy
  • Bath Vida & Amara (Weather Pending)
  • Stretch Goal * haul somewhere else to ride at least once
  • Saddle Fit (Try Demo's) - July 2
  • Pentosan Shot #3
  • Farrier - Reset July 24
I'm not willing to accept that it's already July - where did June go?!  Time is flyin' by.

I celebrated the long weekend with a bareback hack in my PJ's


  1. I know I'm late to replying but July is also now half over wtf.


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