So Tired of Lemonade

Often times while i'm driving or doing other mindless tasks I come up with brilliant blog post ideas.  Lately, very few are actually related to my own life, but rather about things I would love to educate people about.  Then I take that newfound motivation and catch up on my Blog Reading, and always seem to come across something that makes me second guess my existence all that fun, deep stuff.  So, I slowly step backwards into the dark abyss I once surfaced from, and decide to, once again, complain about my own horses.

How it "should" look.

Luckily, I don't have *THAT* much to complain about today.  Kai's most recent wound is crap - surprise surprise.. I mean, why would things just go normally and uneventful? That's not in Kai's nature.  She loves to see me spend $400 on a bill for an emergency vet visit and sutures that don't even last a week, and naturally she would develop an infection - I mean, IT'S KAI.

Luckily, things are improving, slowly but surely.  As previously mentioned, the 8 stitches that were put in after the injury were ripped out within a week, leaving a huge gaping hole.  Prior to that though, she developed an infection and some pretty major fluid pooling. Luckily, the fluid continued to work it's way down her leg, and the round of Penicillin knocked it all on it's butt.  There is healthy new tissue growing, but scar tissue is a realistic concern at this point.  I'm hoping, if/when it does scar, it won't restrict her range of motion... time will tell, I guess.

Yummy looking infection which prompted an immediate shot of Penicillin, followed by another 3 days later.

All the other pons are good and yes - we bought Icy back.  Seriously, I need more horses like I need a hole in the head. STAAAAHHHPP ALAINA!  But hey... I couldn't refuse.  We have just been letting her hang out and get to know Kai over the fence, but hubby hopes to start riding her soon and hopes to take her into the Fall Finale and upcoming Jumper Jackpot.

I'm a lucky girl, but I have no media so this photo of my hubby will have to do.

We are moving the horses to our new house on Friday, and I can't wait!  Sunday our Sport Horse Club has a Work Bee at our new farm to help prep the arena for a Jumper Jackpot taking place September 9th so following that on Sunday I hope to finally get my butt back in the saddle on a semi-regular basis.

A few days ago post-scrub. Nice, huh?
The move home will go 1 of 2 ways... either things will be hunky-dory, peaches and all that good stuff.. or a reoccurring slew of problems that cause me to continue questioning why I even own horses.  I'm getting really tired of lemonade, guys. Pass the Vodka.

Throw Back to when Kidd and I were actually in full time training and my (old) trainer took him for a spin.  "S" was one of the best instructors I have had in my life thus far and i'm still SO sad he retired from the horse industry :'(


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    1. Thank you! We moved everyone but Kai and Icy home last weekend but i've been holding off to make a post about it until they're all there :)


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